Words belong to a category, which creates some kind of logical ordering that helps finding the words. However, sometimes you would like to combine words from different categories, to make a sentence, or tell a story. That’s what Communicado’s stories are for.

Stories are collections of words, copied from several categories. Together, the words can tell a story, or make a sentence. Regard a story as a collection of words that a user wants to display or speak more frequently in that combination.

To make the stories visible, use the Stories button. Select a story from the bottom layer. Its words will be shown in the layer above it.


Stories are created (and possibly deleted) by editors. However, regular users can add words to a story by dragging them from their category to a selected story. They can also change the order of the story words, again by dragging.

Deleting words from a story is also allowed for regular users. Note that deleting a word from a story will not delete it from the category it came from.

When sound is turned on, selecting a story word will play the sound of the word. Selecting the story itself will play the story and all the words in the story. That way, you can speak a whole story, or sentence.