All items except vocabularies can have a sound. The sound will be played whenever the item is selected (tapped). All sounds can be turned off (and on again) using the Sound button.

Sound can be either:
  • a sound recorded by the editor
  • the spoken name of the item, when no sound is recorded

Recording is done by editing the item and tapping the sound record button. A dialog is visible while sound is recording; it can be used to cancel or finish the recording. recording

Recorded sound can be played for verification by tapping the sound play button. The recorded sound can be removed by tapping the sound delete button.

A spoken name will normally use the default voice of the iPad. The voice can be changed using the Settings app, under Accessibility - Spoken Content (or Speech) - Voices. Then choose the current language of the iPad and select any non-Siri voice. In case a Siri voice is selected, Communicado will use the default voice instead.