Editing items

All items that have been added require some editing (now, or later). At least, they should be given a name. Other properties for changing depend on the type of item. Below are all properties that can be edited for items.

Properties for all items:
  • name
  • image (either a built-in pictogram or a picture from your photo library or elsewhere)
  • what’s being displayed as the “icon” for the item (image or name or both) Edit word Tapping the image area will allow you to change the image by
    • choosing from a collection of built-in pictograms,
    • selecting an picture from your photo library
    • using the camera to take a new picture Edit image Alternatively, you can drag an image from any app to the image area. Drag image
Additional property for all items except vocabularies:
  • sound (recorded)
    Sound has 3 buttons:
    • for recording a new sound,
    • for playing the sound,
    • and for removing the sound.
      After the record button has been tapped, a message will be displayed indicating the sound is now recording. The message has related buttons for ending or cancelling the recording. Recording sound
Additional property for vocabularies and categories:
  • colour
    The colour will be used by this item and all items it possibly contains (unless they are given their own colour by the editor) Edit colour
Additional property for top categories:
  • what type are the items contained in the next layer (either subcategories or words) Top category properties
Additional property for categories containing words:
  • the word positions (either ordered, or free)
    If ordered, words in the next layer are displayed in rows.
    If free, words in the next layer can be dragged to any position (by the editor only) Categories with words
Additional property for words:
  • what’s being displayed when a regular user opens the word by double tapping it (either the same icon used when the word is closed, or a special text message that can be set by the editor) Word properties