Privacy policy

This policy outlines how we collect and use your data when using the Communicado app.

Collecting your data

Personal data

Communicado does not collect or use any personal data. We do not register or store the titles and content of vocabularies, categories, words and stories in any way. Audio recordings, pictures, texts, etc. used in the app are only accessible to the user.

Statistical data

Communicado exclusively collects statistical data which cannot be linked to a specific person.

We collect the following data:

  • iPad hardware model, iOS version and language
  • Communicado version and language
  • Timestamp of every use (each time the app is opened)
  • Type of user – editor or regular user
  • Counts of the numbers of categories, words and stories in a vocabulary

A unique user ID is assigned to each installation of Communicado on a device. This ID cannot be linked to a specific person or device.

A unique ID is assigned to each vocabulary. When exporting and importing a vocabulary, a new unique ID will be generated for the new user.

No data is collected through Communicado’s website

Using and retaining your data

The aforementioned data is stored indefinitely. It will only be used for analytical purposes.

Data sharing

None of your data will be shared with third parties.


If you have any questions about this privacy policy, you can contact us at: