A vocabulary is a collections of categories, subcategories, words and stories. It’s typically created for a particular user, with personal content.

As an editor, you can switch between multiple vocabularies, for multiple users or purposes. To do so, make sure the vocabularies layer is visible, using the Vocabularies button. You’ll need it to create new vocabularies as well.

As an editor you can create vocabularies in several ways:
  • Use the “+” button in the vocabularies layer to create a new, empty, vocabulary Add vocabulary
  • Duplicate an existing vocabulary by tapping and holding the vocabulary, until the popup menu appears, containing a “Duplicate” command Duplicate
  • Drag a sample vocabulary from the gallery to the vocabulary layer on the right half of the screen (see Dragging)
  • Import a vocabulary that was exported by another user (or by you, on another iPad) (see Sharing vocabularies)