Words are the actual things the user wants to communicate. They are always part of a (sub)category. In addition, they can be copied to stories.

A word can have a name and an image. Images are either photos (from the photo library or from the internet) or pictograms (available in the app).


When an end-user double taps a word, its name and/or image will be enlarged. Some words contain additional text content that will be displayed instead of name/image. They are meant to allow the user to communicate a longer message.

Words are usually positioned in rows (ordered). As an alternative, they can have free floating positions. In the latter case, they can be dragged to any position.

free positions

This is a handy way to form groups of words inside a category. The choice between ordered and free is made by the editor, when editing the category the words belong to. All words in a category are positioned the same way: either ordered, or free.