What's new in Communicado 2

Communicado 2.0 is a new version of Communicado 1, which has been around for many years. All content for existing users has been preserved and adapted to this new release. To them, Communicado looks and feels as before. We’ve also made many big improvements, and some of them are introducing some changes.

These are the most important differences:
  • Much improved functionality for editors
  • Improved visual layout
  • “Word” is the new name for an item in a subcategory
  • “Vocabulary” is the new name for a document with user content
  • Improved integration of sample content, using a “gallery” of sample vocabularies
  • Names of items (categories, words, stories) can be spoken using text-to-speech
  • More logical integration of vocabularies and stories
  • Faster creation of items by dragging images from other apps
  • Improved import and export of vocabularies, using modern iPad features
  • It’s now possible to include a message in a word that will be displayed when the word is opened