The Communicado screen contains several layers of items. The top layer shows the top categories available in the vocabulary. They scroll horizontally, in case there are more top categories than can be shown. Top categories

Selecting a top category, by tapping it, will show its subcategories in the next layer. Every top category has its own subcategories. They scroll horizontally as well. Subcategories

Selecting a subcategory will show the words it contains in the next layer. They scroll vertically, in case there are more top words than can be shown. This is often the last layer. If more layers are visible underneath the words, they contain the stories. Words

Some top categories do not have subcategories; instead, they directly contain words. The subcategories layer will not be visible for these categories. Words

Categories and words are examples of the items available in Communicado. After navigating to the desired content, you can select (tap) an item, to communicate with somebody. Inside a layer, only one item can be selected; it will be surrounded by a blue line. Alternatively, you can open the item.